The Storage Journey

“Storage sucks.”

That’s what so many people have said over the years. It’s expensive; it’s complex; it’s inflexible; it’s slow; it’s too small; it takes up too much space in the data center.

For far too long, your business has been held captive by bad storage… storage that just barely met your needs, didn’t integrate with anything, and was a nightmare to troubleshoot when it came to performance issues.

For quite some time, the storage industry was just… there. Not a whole lot of excitement was in the offing.

And then… things changed. Storage started to become, well, fun again. All kinds of new and exciting storage opportunities flooded the market. Then the public cloud hit the scene and there was suddenly a lot of chatter about how to make public cloud work with the local data center.

But it all had to be able to work together. Suddenly, storage wasn’t sucky anymore, as long as you had the right storage system to meet your cloud needs.

If you’re deploying or planning for cloud, storage needs to be part of your equation—after all, it can account for more than one-third of your cloud investment.

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