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The Gorilla Guide to Hybrid Cloud Storage

The world of data storage is changing around us as organizations continue to seek ways by which they can leverage cloud-based services.  However, simply shifting everything to the public cloud is generally neither desirable nor feasible, so organizations are struggling with finding ways that they can leverage the public cloud and its outcomes where it makes sense and leave everything else on-premises.

Storage remains, perhaps, the biggest challenge when it comes to even the best-laid cloud plans.  Companies are forced to take into consideration the persistent nature of data storage, even while all other data center resources, such as processors and even the network, can be virtually created and destroyed at will.  Ensuring ongoing operations and retention of data in a hybrid cloud world creates new and unique challenges for IT pros across the globe.

What You’ll Learn in this Gorilla Guide eBook

  • How we go to here; the journey of sweat and tears and virtualization that has led the industry to today
  • The operational and industry trends that are causing CIOs and IT pros to consider hybrid cloud deployments and why these trends are important to the business
  • The key requirements for storage in a hybrid cloud storage world