Cloud as a Journey, Not a Destination

We’ve touched on this in a different article, and it even got an article all to itself; but it’s so important that it’s worth a little repetition:

Companies don’t want “cloud.” They want the benefits that come with cloud. If that means they must adopt cloud services, they will, but it doesn’t mean that the public cloud is the only option.

The Cloud as a public service inherently provides a number of benefits. From turning traditional data center economics upside down to transforming how new services are deployed, the public cloud has changed how people think about the infrastructure upon which IT operates.

However, the outcomes are a journey, not necessarily a destination. If you’re able to provide your company with improved IT economics and can feasibly implement the kinds of architectures that enable simple workload deployment, you will have done your job. With hybrid cloud storage systems offering robust APIs and a virtualization-first methodology, you will be well on your way to cloud success.

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