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Cloud Luminary Q&A Webinar – Now On-Demand!

cll-webinar-thumbHere’s a session that’ll get your wheels turning: Put former VMware CTO Steve Herrod (current Managing Director at General Catalyst Partners) and Kieran Harty (former EVP R&D, current CTO and Co-Founder at Tintri) in a room and bombard them with the most burning questions about cloud.

Now Available On-Demand: Listen to Steve & Kieran Answer Top Cloud Questions!

Start Learning About Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Basics

Start here by learning about the storage journey to date and the path from virtualization to cloud, the key milestones along the way including the ‘three cloud conundrum’: private, public & hybrid.  See how industry and IT operations trends are influencing the move to hybrid cloud solutions.

The Hybrid Cloud Blueprint

After you’ve covered the basics, start digging deeper starting with the requirements for hybrid cloud rollouts including the requirement for storage hooks into the public cloud, scalability, automation and self-service features.  See why legacy block storage presents challenges, and what native hybrid cloud storage needs to realize the vision.

Finally, explore the vision and the potential of the hybrid cloud. Investigate considerations for management of a hybrid cloud environment and the long term considerations.